History and Values

Who we are

Acqua del Conero® comes from the experience of young entrepreneurs who have been working in the natural perfumery and wellness sector since 1995.


Customer Innovation and Satisfaction: We are constantly looking for new products in the olfactory, aesthetic and technological fields to always satisfy the requests and desires of our customers.

Quality and Respect for the Environment

our products are all strictly made in Italy, created by skilled craftsmen. The ingredients are of natural origin and our products, environmentally friendly, do not contain toxic or animal ingredients. From the crystalline waters that lap Monte Conero, once ravaged by ferocious pirates, comes a magical fragrance called "Acqua del Conero®", an essence that recalls the enchantment of the sea and the serenity of the sunsets from the smell of Lavender.

A unique Lavender, biologically cultivated on the hills of the Conero, to which the characteristic marine microclimate gives a very special olfactory aroma appreciated by everyone.

The Riviera

Monte Conero, promontory overlooking the Adriatic Sea, does not have a high altitude but fully deserves the title of Monte for the majestic appearance that reminds a sleeping lion to those who observe it. The Riviera del Conero, close to Monte, is a marvelous palette of colors: the green of the Mediterranean scrub, the yellow of the flowering gorges, the blue of the Lavender, the orange of the fruit of the strawberry tree and the turquoise of the crystalline waters, inhabited by many species of fish and molluscs and the playful dolphins that are not rare to spot.

Our ambitious project The project was born to make known to the world the beauty, the landscapes and the smells that characterize our wonderful land and our paradisiacal sea close to Mount Conero. We create perfumes for the person, for the environment and high quality cosmetics, for the face and for the body using, where possible, raw materials present in the area, first of all the precious Lavanda del Conero.

The true essence of Conero

We are working for you.
We are building a stage of emotions and perceptions ,
with a truly unique and very fragrant cast.